Dropbear 0.44 release

Matt Johnston matt at ucc.asn.au
Mon Jan 3 23:13:07 WST 2005

Hi all.

I've packaged up Dropbear 0.44, which I've deemed to be a
stable release with client and server functionality. 

 From the previous 0.44test4 release there were a couple of
new features added, notably pristine compilation support
(run configure from a directory elsewhere then run make
there), scp -i has been fixed, and various compilation
problems have been fixed. 

As usual there are a number of less noticable bugfixes - in
particular if you were using PAM functionality in 0.44test4
(by default it wasn't enabled), a fairly serious security
double-free() bug has been fixed in this release. This is
probably remotely exploitable, so you are very strongly
advised to upgrade.

Compared to 0.43, some of the noteworthy changes include:

- client support
- IPv6 support
- improved channel window sizing (should improve transfer
  rates for incoming data)
- in terms of code design, the common, client, and server
  portions have been seperated out
Of course there are also numerous bugfixes etc - see CHANGES
for details.

I've switched to using monotone for version control, I'll
have the repository linked off the main page in the next day
or so.


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