Port Forwarding in background?

David George david at harktech.com
Thu Apr 6 11:45:10 WST 2006

Using dbclient 0.48.1 on the client attempting to forward a local port 
to dropbear server 0.48.1 on another machine, how do I get the client to 
go into the background?  I have read the messages in the list archives 
re: port forwarding and tunnelling and didn't find anything that applies.

I am using dbclient -L 20001:localhost:10001 root at  It does 
work, but it actually logs into the remote server and I am presented 
with a shell.  If I telnet localhost 20001 I am connected to the remote 
server on port 10001, so it is working.  If I use OpenSSH on another 
machine I can ssh -N -f -L 20001:localhost:10001 root at and 
it will go into the background and the port forwarding also works.

But I really need the dbclient port forwarding to run in the 
background.  I did try putting it into background with &, but I can't 
get the public key authentication to work.  I did a dropbearkey -t rsa 
-f /etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key -y on the server and copied the 
public key part to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, but it still asks for 
password.  I tried dbclient -i ~/.ssh/authorized_keys root at 
and it returns dbclient: exited: string too long.

I also tried running the dropbear server with -a in case that was the 
problem, but it wasn't.

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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