"premature exit: string too long"

Sebastian Haag seven at 7labs.de
Sat May 13 06:44:07 WST 2006


I´m using dropbear 0.48.1 and have a little problem with the public/private 

I generated the public and private keys with dropbearkey and copied the public 
key to "/etc/dropbear/dropbear_rsa_host_key" (on the SERVER, where 'dropbear' 
is running/should run). This file is readable and writeable only to user 
root. The content is: ssh-rsa 
(without any linebreaks or anything else)

Do I have to append username at host or anything else?

When i want to start dropbear (with 'dropbear'), i get the following message: 
"premature exit: string too long".

I think i missunderstood something essential in public-key-authentication. Is 
there a howto where to put which key when using dropbear?

I found something like that:
"To create a new RSA key to store in  /.ssh/id_rsa.db, you can use the 
following command: 

  dropbearkey -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id\_rsa.db

The public key part of the new key will be printed to the screen. You can put 
it into the  /.ssh/authorized_keys file on all machines where you want to be 
able to login using your new private key stored in  /.ssh/id_rsa.db"

But that doesn´t work either...

Thanks in advance for your help


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