offline keygeneration

Hans-Christian Egtvedt hcegtvedt at
Mon Oct 2 16:15:14 WST 2006

Prasad wrote:
>> > > 4) It also fails few times with this method (need to investigate why)
>> >
>> > No idea there.
>> Still i am unsuccessful to make the offline keycreate task stable
>> along with multiple session. When i just initialize bywith
>> seedrandom() and then calling gen_kexdh_vals() in a loop once in a
>> while . The foreground ssh gets struck in the expmod function
>> sometimes or the task sometimes gets memalloc error when couple of ssh
>> request comes simultaenously. I find that libtommath uses too many
> Turns out underlying libtommath exp function changes/reallocates the
> value of alloc and dp (in the mp_int) from whatever allocated in
> mp_init(). This was the problem that was causing me weird behaviour
> (becos of uclinux). Now offline keygeneration works fine for me.

This is interessting, where in the code did you discover this? This
might be the root to some problems I see on my platform.

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