qnx ppc port of dropbear

Bill Smith bsmith at tridium.com
Thu Oct 19 02:20:59 WST 2006

I have (somewhat) successfully ported dropbear to qnx 6.3 for powerpc
and everything appears to work. However I'm getting some errors that I
can't quite figure out. Does anybody have any ideas? I believe that the
problems are all related to not properly setting the controlling

*** messages from server after client authenticates

Oct 18 12:28:45 nto dropbear[1687583-1]: ioctl(TIOCSCTTY): 1, Operation
not permitted
Oct 18 12:28:45 nto dropbear[1687583-1]: open /dev/tty failed - could
not set controlling tty: No such device or addressrolling tty: No such
device or address

*** messages in client

/bin/ksh: j_init: tcgetpgrp() failed: Inappropriate I/O control
/bin/ksh: warning: won't have full job control

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