server hanges at 100% cpu with connection attempts

Matt Johnston matt at
Mon Nov 20 10:43:16 WST 2006

On Fri, Nov 17, 2006 at 07:05:47PM -0500, Mikael Ostensson wrote:
> I have started from the begining: Dowloaded the latest kernel source, build
> a kernel and initfs image with busybox.
> busybox is complied dynamically against glibc (the version that comes with
> fedora core 6, my build box belive it's 2.5 from the numbers listed in the
> libs).

Is there a reason you're using glibc rather than uClibc? In
my experience uClibc is a lot less painful for setting up an
embedded-style system from scratch. (Though if it works, you
may as well stick with glibc).

> I can run dbclient to my host box fine, but when connecting to my build box
> the spawned process goes 100% cpu and wont return untill killed.
> Reading the list archive I atempted connecting with : ssh -t user at IP "echo
> 123" to see if the was a problem creating tty/pty  but the result is the
> same.

Giving -t will explicitly allocate a tty/pty. Try with -T
instead and see if that works.

Can you run gdb or strace on the system? If you run "strace -p <pid>"
it'll give you a list of syscalls, or:

gdb --pid=<pid>
            ... gdb loads
bt          (backtrace)

will show a stack trace where it's spinning. If you continue
("c") then break (ctrl-c) and "bt" a few times you should be
able to statistically figure where the problem is.

Let me know how that goes.


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