Non-interactive commands

Rob Landley rob at
Mon Sep 10 09:34:29 WST 2007

On Sunday 09 September 2007 7:35:34 am Micha Nelissen wrote:
> Rob Landley wrote:
> > When "echo" exits, it closes its stdout so the ssh process gets EOF on
> > stdin, and should pass that along through the network.  But it has to
> > wait for the other end to send all its data back before exiting.  Hence
> > shutdown().  I
> Are you suggesting the local 'ssh' (which is OpenSSH btw) isn't working
> properly? How do you explain that it works when a host is running an
> openssh server then?

I hadn't caught that it was the server at the far end (rather than the local 
one) having the problem.  In that case it sounds like the server is closing 
the connection when it gets EOF from the socket, which doesn't seem likely.

*shrug*  Dunno.

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