Dropbear server 0.50 stops listening to socket when started without stdin

Laurent Pinchart laurentp at cse-semaphore.com
Wed Sep 19 21:18:47 WST 2007


The 2007-07-19 commit ("Patch from Nicolai Ehemann to try binding before going 
to the background, so that if it exits early (because something's already 
listening etc) then it will return an exitcode of 1.") breaks Dropbear when 
started from init (busybox 1.6.1) with no console.

When no console is configured, init starts dropbear with stdin (fd 0) closed. 
The socket opened by listensockets() will then be assigned fd 0. The later 
call to daemon() will reassign fd 0, 1 and 2 to /dev/null, making dropbreak 
stop listening to the network.

I reverted the patch as temporary workaround. I'm not sure what a proper 
solution would be.

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