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sindi keesan keesan at sdf.lonestar.org
Sat Apr 5 08:48:41 WST 2008

>> When I log in, why does my system consult passwd and not shadow?
> Possibly because you're logging in using the busybox login utility (rather
> than dropbear), and the one you're using does not seem to have been compiled
> This is a guess...
I checked the config file I used and you are right.
I don't recall if I used the defaults.  I made a lot of uneducated guesses 
while configuring.

>> I told people on our list to delete shadow if they were having problems
>> with dropbear.
> Being aware of /etc/shadow vs /etc/passwd is an important thing.  Blindly
> deleting /etc/shadow may mean you can't even log in as root anymore.

I renamed it when testing so I could put ti back.  I can access this linux 
from another one to fix mistakes.

> If busybox doesn't have shadow support but your system has an /etc/shadow,
> programs that _are_ shadow aware will get confused.  This isn't a
> dropbear-specific issue, per se.

This is why I removed shadow.

Our little 2-floppy linux that let you log in as root without a password 
came with both passwd and shadow, but the later version where you just hit 
Enter to login only has passwd.

Do you know if dropbear supports exporting X11 display?

I am trying to use X from the client computer but don't have any 
experience with this.  I export DISPLAY to the client IP number plus :0. 
I have tried doing this from the server and from the client (after using 
dbclient to connect to the server).  I get a message from Xlib the second 
way saying connection was refused to that IP number.

When I log in from the client computer to my user account at the server 
and try to start X on the client so as to run X programs in an rxvt 
(viewed on the client), X gets loaded on the server, I can run programs on 
it from the server, and then there is an interesting crash on exit. 
Xvesa and rxvt might be part of the problem.

There is probably a HOWTO for this, but our author suggested that dropbear 
might not support exporting X (or rxvt might not work for it).

svgalib programs cannot be run this way.  Console programs work fine.


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