Dropbear 0.52

Matt Johnston matt at ucc.asn.au
Wed Nov 12 22:32:07 WST 2008

Hi all.

I've put together a release for Dropbear 0.52. It mostly has
new features, as well as a few bugfixes.

The client has gained a few new additions including the
ability to "onion-route" through a few SSH servers, all
established from the local host. Performance connecting to
an OpenSSH server with dbclient should improve now that
the zlib at openssh.com compression mode is supported.

The website http:/matt.ucc.asn.au/dropbear/dropbear.html 
has releases as usual.


0.52 - Wed 12 November 2008

- Add "netcat-alike" option (-B) to dbclient, allowing Dropbear to tunnel
  standard input/output to a TCP port-forwarded remote host.

- Add "proxy command" support to dbclient, to allow using a spawned process for
  IO rather than a direct TCP connection. eg
	  dbclient remotehost
  is equivalent to
	  dbclient -J 'nc remotehost 22' remotehost
  (the hostname is still provided purely for looking up saved host keys)

- Combine netcat-alike and proxy support to allow "multihop" connections, with
  comma-separated host syntax.  Allows running

	  dbclient user1 at host1,user2 at host2,user3 at host3

  to end up at host3 via the other two, using SSH TCP forwarding. It's a bit
  like onion-routing. All connections are established from the local machine.
  The comma-separated syntax can also be used for scp/rsync, eg

	  rsync -a -e dbclient m at gateway,m2 at host,martello:/home/matt/ ~/backup/

  to bounce through a few hosts.

- Add -I "idle timeout" option (contributed by Farrell Aultman)

- Allow restrictions on authorized_keys logins such as restricting commands
  to be run etc. This is a subset of those allowed by OpenSSH, doesn't
  yet allow restricting source host.

- Use vfork() for scp on uClinux

- Default to PATH=/usr/bin:/bin for shells.

- Report errors if -R forwarding fails

- Add counter mode cipher support, which avoids some security problems with the
  standard CBC mode.

- Support zlib at openssh.com delayed compression for client/server. It can be
  required for the Dropbear server with the '-Z' option. This is useful for
  security as it avoids exposing the server to attacks on zlib by
  unauthenticated remote users, though requires client side support.

- options.h has been split into options.h (user-changable) and sysoptions.h
  (less commonly changed)

- Support "dbclient -s sftp" to specify a subsystem

- Fix a bug in replies to channel requests that could be triggered by recent
  versions of PuTTY

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