Tunneling FTP

Michael Wiedmann michael.wiedmann at aastra.com
Mon Jan 19 22:28:28 WST 2009

Hi everybody,

after successfully using dropbear as a tunnel server (2 ports: telnet and http) for maintaining a bunch of embedded systems (PBXs) I have to investigate the use of dropbear for another type of embedded system which needs, apart from the aboive mentioned ports, also FTP to be tunneled.

My first attempt using dbclient like (only showing the relevant options):

$ dbclient -R 50000:embedded-device:21 server-host

set up a tunnel like expected. If I try

$ ftp server-host 50000

I get a FTP prompt and can login successfully. But obviously this tunnel is not sufficient for the FTP data connections (even in passive mode).

Before I dig deeper into this:
Is there a way to get FTP (active or passive mode) tunneled using dropbear?
If yes, how should I configure the client/server side?


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