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Rui Santos rsantos at grupopie.com
Tue Jan 20 00:32:04 WST 2009

Matt Johnston wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 19, 2009 at 02:28:28PM +0100, Michael Wiedmann wrote:
>> I get a FTP prompt and can login successfully. But obviously this tunnel is not sufficient for the FTP data connections (even in passive mode).
>> Before I dig deeper into this:
>> Is there a way to get FTP (active or passive mode) tunneled using dropbear?
>> If yes, how should I configure the client/server side?
> I don't think it's easy to do - in active or passive mode
> the FTP data port is chosen dynamically.
That is not entirely true. If Michael sets up an ftp server with EPSV
(Extended PaSsiVe Mode ), he will be able to select witch ports to use.
Pure-ftpd supports this...
>   Could you set up a
> small http (or socks) proxy on the server and point the
> client at that (via the tunnel)?
> Matt
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