Unknown channel 0

Tom Deseyn tom.deseyn at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 21:47:46 WST 2009


I am trying to use the eclipse C/C++ Remote Debug facilities.
Eclipse creates an ssh connection to the target to start gdbserver.
Sometimes things fail, resulting in the output:
authpriv.info dropbear[3322]: exit after auth (root): Unknown channel 0

Martin Oberhuber (who is working on the Eclipse-side) suggested I was
missing an SFTP server (see
In my first attempt to use openssh I got an error, because I did not
add the sftp, which looked like this:
auth.info sshd[2150]: subsystem request for sftp
auth.info sshd[2150]: subsystem request for sftp failed, subsystem not found

(note that, for my debugging purposes I don't need sftp, it is a
different part of eclips trying to do the sftp)

I guess openssh and dropbear are complaining about the same thing?

The openssh-implementation however doesn't stop working at this point.
It complains about the sftp-server, but Eclipse is still able to
launch the gdbserver.
It would be desirable if dropbear had the same behaviour.

Kind Regards,


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