dropbear with pam_pwdfile

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Mon Mar 23 11:52:12 WST 2009

Hi all,
ich have a sharedweb ( http/ftp ) server on unbuntu
i used http://cpbotha.net/software/pam_pwdfile
with vsftpd for full virtual users auth
for vsftp and apache, i tried setup
dropbear equal but cant get it to work
seems only accepts users in /etc/passwd
( no tricky pam helped )
running from xinetd with bind to serveral ips an ports runs fine
would it be heavy stuff to integrate some pam with
pam_pwdfile , and mayby pam_chroot ?
Sorry if allready asked this questions or i was to trickle out a exist

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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