Long delay during login

Avner Flesch avnerf at web-silicon.com
Wed Oct 26 13:50:48 WST 2011


Peter work based on dropbear version 0.52
libtomcrypt version 1.16
libtomsfastmath 0.10

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On 10/25/2011 02:09 PM, Ed W wrote:
> On 25/10/2011 14:38, Peter Turczak wrote:
>> Hi Rob,
>> a few years back in 2008 I did this port and announced it here. But
>> it didn't seem to get much of a grip. You will find it's source
>> here : http://peter.turczak.de/dropbear-tfm.tgz .
>> Maybe it may help out someone in dire need of a faster
>> ssh-handshake ;).
> Could you post it as a diff so that we can see what changed?
> It's hard for me to know what your base version was?

According to _MTN/revision the base version was:

  old_revision [f2c4b1b1304914efad934b368d3f6e4e8d91de99]

But I have no clue what that means.  Never used monotone, and it's not
worth learning for one project.  (I've already learned git, mercurial,
subversion, and some passign knowledge of bitkeeper.  I've been paid to
do cvs, rational, perforce, some internal IBM one with a four letter
acronym I'm blanking on right now which OS/2 was in, and now I have to
deal with accurev.  For various reasons I've had to install Bazaar and
Darcs but never actually used either as a source control system.)

There was some mention of porting this to mercurial, and I copied some
messages back and forth between the dropbear and mercurial mailing
lists, but that seems to have petered out.  (I haven't exactly been
following up either.  Todo list runneth over...)


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