dropbear's environment variables

Matt Johnston matt at ucc.asn.au
Tue Nov 15 19:55:00 WST 2011

It sounds like there are settings in ~/.bash_login or
similar, which only gets evaluated when you get an
interactive login shell (not when you run a command).

You could try moving the commands to ~/.bashrc (or similar,
I don't know what shell you are using). 

Alternative you you could run 

ssh host_ip 'env var=value var2=val2 cmd'

Which will should the variables you require. Another
approach might be to run bash --login -c 'cmd' as your
command (I'm assuming bash, other shells probably have
similar files and arguments to set).


On Mon, Nov 14, 2011 at 09:21:00AM +0800, ocelot1985 wrote:
>  Hi, guys:
> In my job, I need to use quicksshd which is android app  as my sshd service,  and quicksshd is based on dropbear.
> The problem is : when I use the command " ssh host_ip 'cmd'  ", It cannot be executed  because  the envionment variables is different with the situation when i use ssh to login to the host which is running dropbear.
> So is there a way to reset the default environment variables when using the command " ssh  host_ip 'cmd'  " on termianl ?
> Thanks!

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