Issues after Update from 0.52 to 2012.55; login time; password auth

Matt Johnston matt at
Thu Jan 3 19:51:02 WST 2013


7 seconds seems slow. Where said that it's a common problem?
I get around 1 second to SSH to a raspberry pi (700mhz "ARMv6").
Was it built with the same compiler and compile options?
Leaving optimisation off could make that difference.

I can't see how it wouldn't ask for a password unless
there's -g or -s on the commandline. Does "ssh -v" show just
"Authentications that can continue: publickey", not
"publickey,password" ?


On Thu, Jan 03, 2013 at 12:10:51PM +0100, dbextern at wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm using dropbear on an embedded System with uCLinux. It works great. And first I want to thank all of you for the work you put in it.
> After reading about the security fix I updated the dropbear from a (very stable and fast) 0.52 to the new 2012.55.
> After the update two things changed. The login time increased a lot. From next to nothing to about 7s (on a 600MHz CPU). I read that this is a common problem, and that my 7s are still quite good. I'm just surprised about he increase. 
> Secondly the dropbear does not allow password login anymore (the server only gives back "pubkey" as available option). The according defines in the options.h are still active though. And the dropbear is started without -s. I'm out of ideas what to try to enable it again. When I just replace the dropbear executable with the 0.52 version it works again.
> Any thoughts and advide is highly appreciated. Tank you in advance.
> Grüße
> Sebastian

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