Timeout dead connections

Mattias Walström mattias.walstrom at westermo.se
Wed Mar 27 23:24:27 WST 2013

I am running dropbear 2013.56, connecting to the server with a PC but
not performing a clean close (I pulled my ethernet cable), this caused
dropbear to never drop its connection.

Looking at the utmp entries, I could see that the connection never got dropped,
the utmp entries was kept forever, and running with debug indicates that also.
Tried to use -K to send keepalive, but it just keeps sending keepalives to the peer,
even it is no longer there, and not possible to reach. Shouldn't
the connection be dropped if the keepalive does not reach its destination?

I know there is the -I option, but that does not really do what I want,
I want the connection to be tear down when the peer is unreachable, not
when the user has been idle for a while.


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