Timeout dead connections

Matt Johnston matt at ucc.asn.au
Wed Mar 27 23:37:15 WST 2013


At the very least if there is traffic on the connection
(which -K will ensure) then TCP should timeout and the
connection should eventually (a minute or so?) close. 

Can you get a packet capture with tcpdump?


On Wed, Mar 27, 2013 at 04:24:27PM +0100, Mattias Walström wrote:
> Hi!
> I am running dropbear 2013.56, connecting to the server with a PC but
> not performing a clean close (I pulled my ethernet cable), this caused
> dropbear to never drop its connection.
> Looking at the utmp entries, I could see that the connection never got dropped,
> the utmp entries was kept forever, and running with debug indicates that also.
> Tried to use -K to send keepalive, but it just keeps sending keepalives to the peer,
> even it is no longer there, and not possible to reach. Shouldn't
> the connection be dropped if the keepalive does not reach its destination?
> I know there is the -I option, but that does not really do what I want,
> I want the connection to be tear down when the peer is unreachable, not
> when the user has been idle for a while.
> Regards
>  Mattias

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