scp to always accept unknown remote hostkey

Matt Johnston matt at
Mon Jul 8 22:32:31 WST 2013

The workaround I sometimes use is to have a shell script:

dbclient -y "[email protected]"

Then run "scp -S thescript".

Dropbear could probably do with "-o" option support which
would solve that problem.


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 02:53:33PM +0800, Valliappan Muthiah wrote:
> Hi,
> We are using dropbear in our product. The version is
> # dropbearmulti -v
> Dropbear multi-purpose version 0.52
> Make a symlink pointing at this binary with one of the following names:
> 'dropbear' - the Dropbear server
> 'dbclient' or 'ssh' - the Dropbear client
> 'dropbearkey' - the key generator
> 'dropbearconvert' - the key converter
> 'scp' - secure copy
> I am tryin to scp files to my remote server. I would like to always accept
> unknown remote hostkey for my connection to server.
> I did this successfully using "ssh -y" option, but i cannot use this switch
> when i do scp directly.
> May i know if its possible to have this option in scp itself?
> Thanks in advance.

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