dropbear ssh server with vfork and no fork

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Sun Aug 25 12:07:17 WST 2013

On Wednesday 21 August 2013 10:34:00 Thomas Vajzovic wrote:
> In scp.c, there are comments about the requirement to call exec immediately
> in the child after vfork returns, and this is done.
> In other places some of the things that are done after vfork but before
> exec are quite big, eg:
> * writing to stack data
> * writing to global data
>  * closing and dup-ing file descriptors
>  * changing signal handlers
>  * writing to the login record
>  * malloc-ing memory
>  * setting environment variables
>  * setuid/setgid
> In svr-chansession.c the code commented "wipe the hostkey" is not performed
> if vfork was used, so presumably that bit was found to not work, but what
> about the rest?
> Are people running the dropbear server on no-MMU systems and it just
> happens to work for them, or has someone verified that it will always
> work?

i've run it on Blackfin w/out too much trouble.  although it's been a few years 
at this point since i last posted patches on the topic to the list.

> If people agree that this is wrong, then I could spend some time fixing
> it...

many of the things you describe aren't a problem (like messing with fd's or 
signal handlers or changing uids/gids).  some of them dropbear works around in 
other ways.  so simply trying to stop it from doing anything at all is not 

basically, before you start messing with the nommu/vfork nuances, you have to 
get a good understanding of what the actual Linux semantics vs what the man 
page states.
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