Getting dbclient to time out when network goes down with reverse proxy usage

Jesse Molina jesse at
Fri Jul 4 18:57:09 WST 2014


I am doing this:

ssh -K 3 -I 60 -i keyfile -N -R 2222:localhost:22 user at host

I am intending a dropbear ssh client to set up a reverse proxy 
connection to a server, so I am using -N and -R.

I am also using -K and -I so that the connection sends keepalives and 
will timeout if the network is disrupted.

My problem is that the above results in the session dying 60 seconds 
after setup is finished because the idle timeout is being hit.  I am not 
sure how -I is metering inbound traffic, but it's apparently not picking 
up anything.

Note that I have "ClientAliveInterval 15" set on the sshd_config server 
side. I would expect dropbear to count this traffic towards -I.

Without -I above, it took my device 18 minutes to figure out that I had 
pulled the network out from under it by shutting down the interface. 
That isn't acceptable.

Can dropbear do this, or do I need to use openssh?  I get the feeling 
after reading what I have read that dropbear is too simple to figure out 
when the server has gone away in most situations.


Thanks in advance.

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