Dropbear 2014.65

Matt Johnston matt at ucc.asn.au
Fri Aug 8 22:02:49 WST 2014


Here's Dropbear 2014.65. It mainly fixes regressions in
2014.64, with a couple of other minor improvements.



2014.65 - Friday 8 August 2014

- Fix 2014.64 regression, server session hang on exit with scp (and probably
  others), thanks to NiLuJe for tracking it down

- Fix 2014.64 regression, clock_gettime() error handling which broke on older
  Linux kernels, reported by NiLuJe

- Fix 2014.64 regression, writev() could occassionally fail with EAGAIN which
  wasn't caught

- Avoid error message when trying to set QoS on proxycommand or multihop pipes

- Use /usr/bin/xauth, thanks to Mike Frysinger

- Don't exit the client if the local user entry can't be found, thanks to iquaba

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