[Opendispense] List ownership

Nick Bannon nick@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sun Aug 3 12:12:44 2003

If you put your hand up (and possibly if you don't <evil grin>) I'd
like to add more list owners/moderators to make sure posts do not get
delayed unnecessarily. The list has been updated from the older
standard list admin password to the current one.

It should perhaps be renamed to "openvend" while it's young, I created
opendispense largely because it had once existed in the past.

There's no problem with sending mail to the list from any other address
- you can resubscribe as your favourite address, or you can be added to
the whitelist. Unfortunately I can't find the Mailman interface to view
or add to the whitelist, so I can only do this to messages that are
sitting pending moderator approval.


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