[Opendispense] Status update

Bernard Blackham bernard@blackham.com.au
Sat Aug 16 16:22:46 2003

*** Hmm... I never received this message from the list last night.
Apologies if it's a double.

Hi all,

Just a quick status update from tonight. I've finished writing the
first go at the new ROM image. It's in CVS under openvend/ROM2. I
still want to go over it all a couple of times to make sure it makes
sense before we burn it. Some fresh eyes on it would also be handy
too :)

The board modifications didn't happen tonight - rescheduled for next
week. Meanwhile, Harry will try and source a PC16550D UART, and the
other odd-ball pieces for both the initial modification, and the

The other code that needs to be written is the server backend. This
backend will control the display & keypad, will probably run on
mermaid (or whichever machine has a spare serial port). This will
allow people to vend stuff from their coke accounts using the

I'm not sure of the best way to interface it with dispense though
(short of rewriting it from scratch :), and being able to type
"dispense atomic tomato" from any terminal. This really is where the
dispense-rewrite comes into play. If nobody has any better
suggestions, I'll happily pick up my previous attempt based upon a
PostgreSQL backend.



 Bernard Blackham 
 bernard at blackham dot com dot au