[Opendispense] CPLD/FPGA

Harry McNally harrymc@ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Sep 1 04:53:09 2003

Hello open vendors

A quick update on Altera parts. I spoke to Alan Taylor at Braemac (the Altera
agent in Perth) and he suggested not using the 7512AE or 3512A because the
higher density CPLDs are not cost effective compared to a sea-of-gates FPGA
like the ACEX1K10 (10K gates) or ACEX1K30 (30K gates).

The difference with these is that they are RAM based (take a 100mS or so to
load the configuration from an external serial EEPROM or flash device).
This isn't an issue providing the serial device can also be programmed
on-board through a JTAG port.

So, prices:

ACEX1K10 100pin $14.70
ACEX1K10 144pin $20
ACEX1K30 144pin $24.50

We can explain our project and ask for a "paid for samples" which means
we can buy a few pieces rather than a whole tray.

Free design tools are available by downloading the Quartus tools (which
have a diffeent UI to learn but has the same functionality).

In the meantime, I can get over to see my contact that has some EPM7192
parts I used in a design for them. These are 192 macrocell and 5V and can
be used for my prototyping board to try some ideas out.

These are all PQFP (plastic quad flat pack) packages so we can use a
QFP to PGA adapter board from RS Components to get the part onto wire wrap
pins. See RS catalogue page 912, eg P/N 285-4641 100pin 0.5mm pitch $70.79

All for now

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