[tech] starfish

Simon Fryer fryers at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Wed Apr 12 15:23:22 WST 2000


> A while ago David Luyer tapped:

> > Unless anyone has any major objections I will be sending out an email
> > announcing the end of UCC services on starfish early tomorrow. 
> Are you taking it complete - ie, with original hard disks and tape
> drive?
> I'd like it to be kept as a complete original.

Yes, I will be grabbing everything. It has no value in parts. I am also
going to get the VPU from shenton park eventually and, time permitting,
when I am 50, try and get it going.

When I can afford the power bill, I will try and keep it running full time
but this me be a while.

See Ya

"Well, an engineer is not concerned with the truth; that is left to 
philosophers and theologians: the prime concern of an engineer is 
the utility of the final product."  
Lectures on the Electrical Properties of Materials, L.Solymar, D.Walsh

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