[tech] morwong - pt2

David Manchester mustang at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Mon Apr 17 09:23:14 WST 2000

> Anyone know how I make morwong answer to the second WAIX IP?
> I've no idea :)

Uhh guys - I'll probably end up completely reinstalling Morwong, so don't
sweat stuff like this.

I've been reading. There's lots and lots of -stuff- that we want to install
and configure & its a hell of a lot easier to do from scratch.

There's a nice porting assistant that checks out K&R syntax, 32/64-bit broken
code, etc,etc... there's RIS and DMS, which might be a good go - so we
can netboot the other Alphas, giving us a spare 2GB disk :)

We can do IP aliasing and the like with DU... I just forget how at the

BTW - I was thinking that we should stick the terminal servers on the
on-board interface & not run IP on it.... only DECnet/LAT.
Have the IP addresses bound to the DE500 (100Mb/s).

Has the drive been ordered yet? I'd really like to get stuff organised,
have a chat to Simon & get stuck into it.


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