[tech] Starfish

Simon Fryer fryers at morwong.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Tue Apr 18 13:30:40 WST 2000


> A while ago Grahame Bowland tapped:

> Starfish is the only box I haven't turned back on. I was worried about 
> the power going with the electricians around, so I've left it off.
> If anyone needs it before Simon takes it I suppose they should talk to 
> him.

Thanks. I was a bit worried taht you where going to turn it on. It would 
not have mounted home or services. AFAIK everything done by starfish apart
from a but of tftp is done by morwong. The router should be tftp booting stuff
if the UCC grand network plan is to be followed (from what I  understand of it).

I have been meaning to get to UCC since friday to turn starfish off but havn't
quite made it there yet...

See Ya

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Lectures on the Electrical Properties of Materials, L.Solymar, D.Walsh

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