[tech] Morwong/Tru64 Layered products

Duncan Sargeant dunc at rcpt.to
Thu Apr 27 00:21:19 WST 2000

Grahame Bowland wrote on Thu April 27, at 00:12 +0800:
> On Wed, Apr 26, 2000 at 05:21:16PM +0800, David Manchester wrote:
> > Mwhahaha. Everything I've compiled worked fine. *shrug*
> > Where's that 9GB disk?
> UCS have invoiced the Guild and the Guild claim to have paid it for 
> us.

That sounds about right, John is on holiday at the moment and probably
fixed that up when UCS ordered the disk and before he went on leave.

> Will go to UCS and find out tommorow.

There's no need, I'll let you guys know the moment it arrives.  Comdek
don't have the mice in stock which is probably delaying the order.

Duncan Sargeant
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