[tech] SGI Security and r00tability

Paul Marinceu elixxir at ucc.asn.au
Wed Nov 19 22:47:00 WST 2003

On Wed, Nov 19, 2003 at 10:03:01PM +0800, Grahame Bowland wrote:
> Adrian has got Netfilter (is it that?) - some sort of BSDish IP filter, 
> anyway, working on his IRIX machine in the office. It might be worth 
> getting him to impart the knowledge of how to link that into the 
> kernel into someone, and setting that up too.

Ipfilterd. At least that's what comes with the Irix os. Is this the one
Adrian? Seems like a very basic, but useable, fw. Prolly not as nifty as

> The thing with the SGIs is local security.. I don't think you can 
> really trust them once someone has access. Who knows if we care, 
> but probably worth thinking about.

Yeah. True.
But hopefully everyone in ucc picks good passwords for
their accounts ;)
Bah, who am I kidding...

> I guess if we apply all the SGI-provided patches we're probably 
> save *enough* from local exploits..

mm. well, let's hope ucc members don't go exploiting irix and spend their
time on other, more interesting stuff ;)

 Paul Marinceu

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