[tech] manbo

Paul Marinceu elixxir at ucc.asn.au
Mon Nov 28 12:46:37 WST 2005

Matt Johnston wrote:
> I'd hazard a guess that manbo might be the worst offender
> there ;) Could be wrong.

Might be right...I'm pretty sure those things were meant to live in 
fully air-con'd raised floor datacentres ;)

Keeping in mind that the heat is only going to get worse in summer, 
something should be figured out. Moving into clubroom? Asking UWA for 
colo space?

Either way, UCC should look at consolidating services on a small number 
of powerful machines and even using virtualisation. I reckon it's even 
worth a shot asking VMWare for a license donation?

I think Davyd or someone proposed some sort of big cleanup for this 
summer anyway. And like I said, fans would help heaps, as 
ventilation/air-flow are the goals.


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