[tech] martello ssh dropping out on idle

Bernard Blackham bernard at blackham.com.au
Sun Mar 26 13:40:10 WST 2006

On Sun, Mar 26, 2006 at 09:28:41AM +0800, Paul Marinceu wrote:
> Anyone know what is the cause of this. It drops the session on about 3-5
> minutes of idle time. Is this by design? (don't think so as it's pretty
> stupid)
> Had a look at sshd_config and it's just a standard config, no mods. So maybe
> it's the router?

Can't say I've ever encountered this. I've left ssh connections to
most UCC machines open and idle all night, or all weekend, and
none have died.

If it's only when it's idle, then perhaps you can try setting
ServerAliveInterval to 60 on your end?

Though if it is as James has seen, and it can happen at any moment,
it's time to pull out tcpdump and see who sends what.


 Bernard Blackham <bernard at blackham dot com dot au>

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