[tech] StorageWorks bricks

Davyd Madeley davyd at madeley.id.au
Wed Sep 13 18:12:43 WST 2006

Matt has dropped off two boxes of StorageWorks bricks (30 in all) as
would go in a piece of DEC hardware (such as old morwong or the
Prioris chassis). The manifest is broken down as follows:

  1x	DS-RZ1FC-VW	36,4GB	10krpm
  12x	DS-RZ1EA-VW	18,2G	7,2krpm
  4x	DS-RZ1DF-VW	9,1GB	7,2krpm
  4x	RZ2DC-VP	9,1GB	10krpm
  2x	RZ2DC-VP	4,55GB	7,2krpm
  7x	RZ29B-VW	4,3GB	7,2krpm

Without opening them, at least some of these disks are probably SCA
inside. SCA 10krpm ones might be useful for manbo.

Another option might be to get a storageworks enclosure of some
description, and fill it full of disk, perhaps for mail (making mail
a separate NFS mount to /home).


Davyd Madeley

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