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Ian McKellar ian at mckellar.org
Tue Sep 26 00:25:31 WST 2006

Wow - I never knew that swapping controllers on hard disks was
actually possible. I always thought it was along the lines of "the
only thing left to do is try to swap the controllers over"...

That's awesome!


On 9/23/06, James Andrewartha <trs80 at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au> wrote:
> mermaid's /dev/hda died at about 3:15pm this afteron. Investigation by
> Bernard suggested a dead controller board, as it did not spin up, so he
> went home and got an identical drive he had lying about. One controller
> board swap later, and it's back up and running. It does have a lvm on raid
> 1 set up, so we should probably move some of its partitions over to that.
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