[tech] Webserving moved to mussel

Matt Johnston matt at ucc.asn.au
Sun Apr 1 17:32:03 WST 2007

Hi all.

Since mermaid is slow and sucky, I've migrated all of UCC's
webserving to mussel. It's apache2 with basically the same
setup - everything I've checked works, but I guess some user
webpages might have issues. The biggest change is probably
that it's running php5 rather than 4.

If anyone sees something awry, please let me know. I'll keep
an eye on error.log too.

Moving to mussel also is a step closer to pointing www.ucc
(and ucc. as well I guess) directly at the webserver so
cookies/virtualhosts etc work a lot more nicely. That can
wait though I guess - anyone see problems with that plan?


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