[tech] manbo gige

Adrian Chadd adrian at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sun Apr 29 17:13:32 WST 2007

Trs and I made manbo gigabit-happy.

I threw in a cisco SX Gbic into the 2948G (which I've christened "vegetable"
to go with "olive".)

The only way to get the thing going was to disable link negotiation on both
ends. TRS has to add that into /etc/system or whatnot or manbo's gigabit
interface won't come back up on boot.

The interface name is ge1 and its on board gem0. This caused no end of
confusion as we were trying to bring the thing up. The sun card refused
to bring up carrier on the port until we plumbed the interface.

Apparently this board performs rather horribly as it requires a bit of CPU
intervention to push bits around. I believe the actual cause of this
is the lack of offload processing (TSO/checksum, etc.) I wonder if this'll
manifest itself on manbo.

Yes, UCC can keep the GBIC. I have an SX SFP module for the alloy switch
and/or whatever replacement we buy. Someone just needs to acquire a
LC to SC Multimode cable or two. UCC can have that too if they replace
the alloy. :)



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