[tech] Problems with arctic (eMac)

Scott Young splintax at ucc.asn.au
Mon Apr 30 19:39:19 WST 2007

Hi all,

I've noticed that even after Luke wiped and reinstalled OS X, the Mac
still seems to be performing very poorly.

I plugged in my iPod to do some work today (had documents saved on it)
and upon automatically loading, iTunes crashed with an out-of-memory
error. Programs like MS Word are painfully slow to load and even stuff
like Terminal.app takes several bounces to come up. :-(

I'd like to at least look into getting some basic diagnostic tests
done on it but not being much of a Mac person myself I'm not sure
where to start. (Also, I'm not on wheel.) This seems to be the go as
far as a version of memtest86 that we can run on PPC Macs:

Does anybody else have any suggestions on what could possibly be the
problem with the machine? I'm aware that it's "getting old", but out
of memory errors shouldn't be happening, especially seeing as it has a
gig of RAM..

-Scott [splintax]

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