[tech] borrowed memory

Matt Didcoe matt at didcoe.id.au
Wed May 27 21:39:11 WST 2009

They haven't been used by UCC yet hence the names haven't been changed  

When there's a more adequate cooling setup in the machine room, the  
idea I had was to setup some of the RackServers running VMWare Server  
(or one of the others) and offer a base install server to any UCC  
member that wants one (perhaps with a traffic quota though so UCC  
don't suddenly see a huge spike in traffic because someone's running a  
popular website off their VM) - people's thoughts?

On 27/05/2009, at 8:12 PM, Grahame Bowland wrote:

> Love that they kept their machine names. Awesome :-)
> 2009/5/27 Matt Didcoe <matt at didcoe.id.au>:
>> ex-fugro delta122 is without it's memory atm, as I have it testing  
>> out a
>> potential fault in delta126 at home.
>> MRD
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> http://grahame.angrygoats.net

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