[tech] Changes to camwhore - New Tape library

Mitch Kelly mitch at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Sat Feb 6 00:30:45 WST 2010

Hi All,



I'm looking to decommission camwhore as the camera server.. Well not
decommission but virtualize camwhore on mylah, Not only does it have the 10k
SCSI Drives it now has a LTO-2 Tape library connected to it with capability
for 20 Tapes. (More with Stack)


The idea is to use 100~gb of mylah's 1TB RAID10 storage for camwhore, And
archive off to 2 of the tapes (800GB), Seeing as they are Images they should
compress rather well.


I will be in UCC over the weekend to plan and possibly do this.



Tape Library:

As mentioned in the minutes I have acquired a LTO-2 Tape library with space
for 20 Tapes (7TB), The library can handle LTO-3/4 Drives I believe,
Bringing this closer to 30TB But cost prohibits this for the time being, and
there is no real need for that much space.


The library will be populated with tapes over the coming weeks, But if you
have some spare LTO-2 Tapes, by all means leave them in the MR and we will
use them..


At the moment the library is connected to Mylah and powered up, Mylah has
standard SSH keys for wheel members.



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