[tech] 4x Sunfire v20z's from FAHSS

James French frenchie at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Wed Feb 10 11:49:22 WST 2010

Hi Guys,

As has been discussed at a couple of meetings (at least one wheel
meeting and one committee meeting) Arts no longer need our four
original v20z servers so we're sending them UCCwards.

What's actually coming:
4x V20z's (1 with an old iLom version as it fails updates, 1 with a
dying/dead fan)
4x 73G 7200 rpm SCSI disks
4x Rail kits (and if they get put into the racks without these, I will
use them on the person responsible).
2x 36G 7200 rpm SCSI disks
2x single port, Qlogic Fibre Channel HBA's (multimode tranceiver built
into the card)
1x double port Qlogic FC HBA (requires SFPs)
1x 3 port Firewire card

All of the boxes have dual Opteron 244's (1.8GHz) with two having 4G
of ram and two with 3G. Matt Didcoe is currenly running DBAN on them
before we bring them over (mostly as I'm a lazy bastard). To my
knowledge, we've already earmarked these boxes as VM hosts, I'd
strongly recommend that we consolidate all the memory into two of them
and have the other two put aside for spare part cannibalism (esp as
they're 5 years old and parts are difficult to get).


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