[tech] Post Rack Switch Status Update

Matt Didcoe matt at mattdidcoe.com
Sun Jun 26 13:09:33 WST 2011

Update from 1300hrs (a.k.a I can't be fucked cleaning up any more, lets get lunch time)

Camwhore is working again on all cameras, many thanks to [TPG] for that one. The Machine Room SE camera cabling is "special" but with some prodding its come good, had to reangle the MR SW camera as well to be on the door (got knocked when roof was lifted).

Clubroom is slightly less disastrous now, sadly the hard work [ASH] put in the other day is no more. I have other things to do with my weekend though so I don't have much more time to spend on that one today.

Mylah needs to be replaced, this disk situation is becoming (a) annoying; (b) costly (where we've had to buy disks); and (c) a time sink. Perhaps another motsugo or maybe something less powerful that we can just make mussel physical on and put any other VMs over to motsugo.

Musundo didn't come back because it was still sitting at the open boot screen I believe (again, Zanchey knows best). I've reconnected its RSC so that can be fixed.

Management wise Musundo and Motsugo are both reconnected. Maaxen still needs doing.

The CNAME that was in place to make sure IRC kept working was also removed yesterday incase anyone was wondering :)

Overall I'd classify it as a success - I believe Frenchie got some photos earlier which I believe are on the way now.


On 25/06/2011, at 10:18 PM, Bob Adamson wrote:

> Hi,
> What a marathon! 12 hours later, most of the machine room services are 
> back online. Two new racks were put in the machine room, and they even 
> fit, despite everyone's claims to the contrary! We finally have racks to 
> support the newer gear, so motsugo got racked up, along with the UPS.
> Things that are still broken: 
> Camwhore (being its usual self) decided not to bring any of the cameras 
> online when it booted. Despite a couple of reboots, it hasn't fixed itself 
> and needs some TLC.
> Centipede (the DECserver that was in the right rack) decided it hated life 
> and died. [DAA] found a replacement and got it going but the door service 
> is still refusing to work.
> The clubroom is more of a disaster zone than usual, film at 11.
> Mylah dropped a stuffed disk from the /space array overnight, so that got 
> taken out during the downtime. It then refused to boot because another 
> disk had exceeded its error count, so that had to be removed too. So 
> currently that raid has no redundancy, and I'm backing it up to the san 
> right now. We need to investigate purchasing 2 new ultra320 146G disks in 
> the very near future.
> Musundo got upgraded to a v490. I'm not sure why it didn't come back 
> up, maybe zanchey can shed some light on the matter.
> Not broken but needs doing:
> The UPS software needs installing on something and testing.
> Clubroom could probably do with a little cleanup...
> Buy a beer for everyone that helped out, you guys rock.
> Please email wheel@ or jump on irc if you notice anything else broken.
> Andrew Adamson
> UCC President
> bob at ucc.asn.au
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