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Davyd davyd@zdlcomputing.com
Mon Mar 1 05:48:56 2004

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It's starting again, Murphy's Lore, the much celebrated UCC newsletter.

Now, Murphy's Lore hasn't been published yet this millennium (afaik),
but we're off to a new start.

People interested should subscribe to the mailing list lore@ucc.asn.au
(http://lists.ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au/mailman/listinfo/lore), or mail

Murphy's Lore needs the following type of people:
	- artists and layout people,
	- editors, and of course
	- writers

If you think you can contribute, subscribe to lore@ucc and tell someone
what you're interested in doing. Some people are going to be actively
chased for their particular skills, but the rest of you should
contribute too.

We want story submissions on all sorts of topics, not just computers.
Topics I have in mind include, computer programming, administration,
hardware, electronics, robotics, physical sciences and just about
anything that might be considered interesting to the club. Articles that
can become regular columns (such as games reviews, or UNIX tips) would
be really great.
Articles won't be due till later in the month, but if you want to write
an article, email lore@ucc or lore-editor@ucc to tell them about your
story, so we make sure we don't have two stories on the same topic.

Please, help contribute to UCC culture, and help us restart a fantastic

--Davyd Madeley
Chief Editor of Murphy's Lore, 2004


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