[ucc-announce] Fresher Welcome this Friday evening

Matt Johnston matt@ucc.asn.au
Tue Mar 9 10:32:38 2004

Hi all

This Friday evening (12th March) is the UCC Fresher Welcome. Come
along to the UCC clubroom at around 6pm, there'll be many members new
and old attending.  There will also be FREE! pizza for all first time
members. If you haven't got yourself an account yet, you can also do
that on the evening. James will be presenting a brief introduction to
UNIX at some point - it's not that scary.

All non-freshers are welcome as well, there'll be pizza as usual for
$5 at 7pm or so. You can also participate in the PGP keysigning, make
sure you bring lots of slips with your key fingerprint on it. Come and
help introduce new members to the club.

Directions are available at http://ucc.asn.au/aboutucc/contact.ucc


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