[ucc-announce] Intervarsity Lan, July 9th Noon till Midnight

James Andrewartha trs80 at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Wed Jun 22 11:15:39 WST 2005

UCC in combination with MINCS (the Murdoch computer club) are holding the 
second annual Intervarsity Lan on Saturday July 9th, at Murdoch Uni. 
Running from noon until midnight, there's time enough to lan all day and 
still go to a party in the evening. Also, the UCC Basketball team is 
playing at 11:20am that day at Lakeside, which is just south of Murdoch.
There's even a rumour that some ECU and Curtin people will be turning up.

Anyway, details:

Time:  Midday till Midnight or later
When:  Saturday July 9th 2005
Where: EH1.5 (Education & Humanities)
        Murdoch University (South St Campus)
What:  Human, computer, cables, few dollars
Price: $5 for non-members, $2 for members, ~$6 for pizza.
        $1 cans of drink.

MAP:         http://inferno.murdoch.edu.au/eh1-5.png
Parking:     Carpark 5 near the child-care and worship centre.
Description: Comming from the city along the Kwinana Freeway, take
              the South Street exit in the middle of all of the
              train  & road works. At the South Street lights turn
              right. Exit South Street turning Left into Murdoch
              University. Follow "Campus Drive" which parallels
              South Street until you arrive at Car Park 5.

              EH1.5 (education and humanities) is right behind the
              Chinese Water garden (tip: may not "actually"
              contain water). The other side of the building has
              the old Tennis Courts with the satellite dishes and
              Caravans. Look for the cars!

For more details see 
http://inferno.murdoch.edu.au/mincs/events/LAN-9thJuly2005.txt (which is 
convieniently mirrored at http://www.ucc.asn.au/LAN-9thJuly2005.txt )

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