[ucc-announce] UCC's 0x1Fst Birthday Dinner

Davyd Madeley davyd at madeley.id.au
Wed Oct 19 14:25:42 WST 2005

The UCC is turning 0x1F and Dr ACC Murphy invites you to join him to
celebrate with dinner at Terrazza in Nedlands.

Dinner this year will be a fairly informal affair, but we may
possible have a speech, if we can be bothered getting Bernard to
make one. Rather than having a set menu, you will simply be able to
order what you like from their usual (excellent) dinner menu, this
works incredibly well for the flame dinner, and it has worked
incredibly well for us. 

Information in short:

Where: Terrazza, 156 Hampden Road, Nedlands
When: Friday 28th of October, 7.30pm
Why: UCC turns 31!
Cost: pay your own

Directions and other information, as well as an expression of
interest you should fill in (so we can give numbers to the
restaurant) are on the web:
		< Come to the Dinner! >
		        \   ^__^
		         \  (oo)\_______
		            (__)\       )\/\
		                ||----w |
		                ||     ||

Just do what the cow says.

--Davyd Madeley
UCC Secretary, 2005

Davyd Madeley

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