[ucc] A new way to waste time at UCC

Grahame Bowland grahame at angrygoats.net
Tue Oct 10 22:00:29 WST 2006

Hi guys

Mark, James and I got multicast going at UCC this evening. This means
you can watch the recently available retransmission of a number of
international (some english language, all interesting) television and
radio stations while in the club room.

To give it a try; get on a machine. Open VLC, go to the Playlist, and
hunt in the menus for "Service Discovery". Turn on SAP Announcements.
Hopefully a list of channels will form. Some of the more interesting
stuff is under "UCTV International".

James is watching Pakistani hip-hop, Mark is watching a car park in
the University of Pennsylvania and I'm watching BBC World Service.
Whoever set up the retransmission is awesome.

Technical details; we're running a slightly modified version of pimd
from Debian, with BROKEN_CISCO_CHECKSUM defined in the Makefile.
Important bits from /etc/pimd.conf are:
group_prefix masklen 4
switch_data_threshold           rate 50000 interval 20  # 50kbps
(approx.)switch_register_threshold       rate 50000 interval 20  #
50kbps (approx.)

It gets started at bootup on madako from /etc/init.d/Lpimd and is
located in /usr/local/src/multicast/pimd-2.1.0-alpha29.17/

Some details of the channel retransmission at http://uctv.canberrra.edu.au/

For some reason I had to move UCC's routing from villa to tupac to
make pimd more happy; I don't think it liked the Cisco between UCC and
the RP. Oh well, works now.


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