[Unigames] Unigame Meeting Minutes 18/12/15

Sarah Lewis 21301124 at student.uwa.edu.au
Fri Dec 18 15:36:27 AWST 2015

UniGames meeting

Attending: Sarah, Steven, Jen, Ryan, Ruisi, Taylor
Apologies: Donald, Kieran
Sweden: Mitchel, Rowan

Open: 2:35pm


- We have almost completed the tenancy form, bar Ryan and Sarah living at
her house
- Panto on tonight, shout out, to their thing you guys should go
- Everything seems fine
- Can’t remember what I’m meant to be doing
> Email Roland for banner

- I really just want to cut myself from the panto show but I cant
- Been in the theatre many, many hours, never take more than one production
- Stairs ______ leads to space
- Read bios for panto production pamphlet

- We have dosh, maybe
- There is a physical pile of dosh here
- I went through all our finances last night for the entire year, with
weeks between guild finance stopped giving us statements (for like a month)
all the deposits and withdrawals, nothing adds up, and we are out and find
out why we have more money than we should
- Still above 3000, we good

- Where Donald? New secretary, who dis??
- Gib me jobs
> Uncharity vigil

- Everything is nice and neat from the clean up, we have a lot of board
games in the cupboards, it took us 35 years to have sideways board games,
still need to put more things into the archives
> Add things to archives and update library thing, check we own everything,
take inventory
> Writ how to library guide

Fresher Rep
- Screaming but can’t because tonsillitis
- Tiniest freshers in the room, the swear count is at 6, committee 2k25

- Pay deposit for camp RN (is doing now)
- Camp leschenaultia has been booked (1st-4th July 2016, weekend of first
week of holidays)


Fresh campaigns:
- Patchy over holidays, Ryan’s is in hiatus, breaking for Christmas
- Evan-jelly beans still running

Board games:
- Trucking right into board games
- Splendour played a lot, even taught my babby sisters to play it before
- Impromptu game sesh are happening, we encourage this
- Hit up a gatekeeper if you need to borrow stuff out, just give us more
than an hour’s notice please

- Haps
- No drafts, modern is chugging along modern nights are very popular, new
set pre-release sun January 17th
- Happy, stable income, chat of people going to Melbourne for grand prix
(march 3rd – 6th)

Uncharity Vigil
- Ruisi to backbone the plans
- Probably sat 20th
- Will have furniture in time, Sarah will strongarm guild

War games: RIP
- War games cupboard has been sorted, things are neater and in boxes

Strange BBQ
- Still confirmed for Friday 15th of Jan
- More info TBA

- Everything is going fine at the moment
- Still $125 and it has been paid from our account
- Have made a document for Shirt interest
- Other documents are on the way
- Ahead of schedule
- Sticker colour decided at Uncharity

Update website
> Ryan to write instructions of how to update website

> Sarah and Ryan to complete Tenancy form

Next Meeting:
- Next meeting is Sunday 27 at 12:00

Meeting closed 3:19 Sarah Laptop time.
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