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Hey guys!

Here are this week's minutes. There is a one-shot (13th Age) tomorrow night
at 5pm. Magic Drafts still happen in the loft every Tuesday night at 6pm.

Unigames Minutes 15/10/15



Open: 1:05

Presidents Report
•    Probably got elected to SOC OCM!
•    YAY!
•    Hopefully the recount is good.
•    I am cynical.
•    Trying to cement dates for some events.
•    Loft refurbishment still unconfirmed.
•    Also probably on guild environment department
•    Recycling bin is on the way.
•    Thanks Magic people for doing things!
•    13th Age One-Shot tomorrow.
•    “I’ve been told its like DnD but better.”

•    Assignments
•    …
•    Assignment #5/6 is currently being done.
•    Kill me now.
•    Not really much club things.
•    I will catch up.
•    Jen: “It’s not like you sleep anyway.”
•    Guild Finance is currently moving our accounts to WestPac
•    This means for over a week now I don’t know how much money we have.
•    It is physically impossible for them to give us an account statement.
•    No ETA on the completion date for that either.
•    Voted for Sarah in an unbiased manner.
•    Bought a case of Dru… wait… Magic.
•    Relay happened.
•    Still recovering because I’m a weeny.
•    In assignment #2/4
•    Fuck me.
•    Slept in.
•    Might show up later.
•    Is probably meant to be doing a book buy.
•    RIP?
•    UPDATE: He arrived.
•    Frames’ kickstarter things
•    CITS3003 is the worst unit ever.
•    Don’t do it.
Sweaty Rep
•    “I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby”
•    I’m turning 20 on Sunday.
•    Kill me now.
•    Identified the strength of Taylor as the person who stayed for the
entirety of Unigames events.
•    Today has been the week of whinging.
•    Fear my SURF reports!
•    Passive Aggressive emails!
•    FEAR ME!
•    My mum got mad when I stole her can opener.
•    Apparently cost $50?
•    ???????
•    Finally removed Kieran’s sleeping bag from the cupboard.
•    It’s now in the clubroom.
•    Fuck.
•    I counted money from Battle Tin!

•    Thanks to everyone who came down!
•    Donations are still allowed, get your family to donate money.
•    Or extort them, up to you.
•    Thanks to Taylor for staying the whole time.
•    Roland, Ben, and Jen for doing as many laps ansh humanly possible.
•    Well done to Ben for winning musical staues.
•    Well done to Prema, Rye-Rye, and Ruisi for Human Pyramid Competition.
•    Well done to Jen and Melissa for winning the Lip Sync competition by
•    Well done to Chris for *carrying* the team.
•    And also carrying Jen for a lap.
•    Well done to UniSFA for being a formidable foe.
•    Well done to Patrick for 666 laps for UniSFA.
•    Battle Tin: $112.80
•    $18.20 from sales at the relay.
•    Nice!
•    Strats for next year:
o    Rostering people.
o    Running less.
o    Bringing in fresh people for clean up.
o    Bringing mats for the tent.
o    Telling more people about Pizza.
o    Lunch run?
o    Fruit cups: 10/10
o    Oranges 10/10
o    Fruit? Bananas
o    Giant water cooler full of Gatorade: 10/10
•    10/10 would relay again.
•    Unigames donation money for Role-play for Life, Tins, and sales will
be donated in one lump sum a week before donations close.
•    Magic Drafts are still happening.
•    They are really popular.
•    Buying another case.
•    It’s *that* popular.
•    Magic for Casuals: Thursday 5th November.
•    Learn to play magic for free!
•    If you know how to play, bring your most casual deck.
•    Starts at 2PM!
•    ACTION ITEM: Donald to EMP
•    ACTION ITEM: Donald to Poster.
Board Games night:
•    One on Tuesday was a success!
•    Trains! Pandas!
•    Haunted House!
•    Next one on week 14: Oct 28th Wednesday.
>The end of the western roman empire happened on Kieran’s birthday.
One Shots:
•    13th Age: This Friday at 5PM.
•    Monday Study Week: 2nd November, 1PM. Next one shot?
•    Possibly Better Angels?
•    If you would like to GM, contact Mitchel/anyone else.
>Thatcher comes in, steals Fryan’s Eksy Seat.
>”I’m glad I was able to ruin someone’s day.”
War Games
•    They’re not dead????!?!???
•    We have two additional armies!?!?!?!?!?
•    We have so many armies.
•    Please join the Wargames page: Shared on the Unigames page.
Escape Hunt:
•    Collaboration with UniSFA
•    Happening soon.
•    Stay tuned.
Loft Refurbishment.
•    Still waiting on furniture to be bought.
Unigames and the Environment
•    Guild is getting a new waste contractor.
•    This means a new recycling bin and other things.
•    Trying to lobby for a can crusher.
•    Nerds: L2Recycle.
Frames’ Kickstarter:
•    Proposing that we do the $90 pledge.
•    We could do $250 and name something after us.
•    But that seems fiscally irresponsible.
•    Committee approved for the $90 pledge.
•    ACTION: Fryan to do dis.
Malaysian Money Manhunt:
•    Successful.
GM Panels:
•    They exist.
•    There will be another GM Panel… soon.
•    Possible topic: Sandbox
•    ACTION ITEM: Sarah and Fryan think about GM Panel.

Meeting closed: 1:52
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