[Unigames] UNIGAMES MINUTES 10th Sept 2015

Ruisi Chen 21487925 at student.uwa.edu.au
Thu Sep 10 13:56:18 AWST 2015


Absent with apologies: Jen, Kieran, Steven
Sweden: Rowan

>some point before meeting: JVB comes in “JAKE EATS ENTIRE LEMONS” rind and
everything apparently…

>waiting for Taylor so we can make quorum

>thanks taylor for making quorum

Meeting starts: 1:11PM



·         Cameron hall: extra sticky today (Creaming soda everywhere)

·         Enjoy the last day and a bit of guild election blackout period,
the last day we don’t hear anything about elections (except for those
sneaky Launch crap)

·         Shirts are selling, buy your shirts

·         Sign up for escape hunt, clicking attending does not count, this
event is jen approved

·         Thanks all for your work, putting in focused effort for wargames
next two weeks


·         MIA


·         We have $3616.00 monies



·         Vigil stuff is happening

·         Taking role back from Donald, clunky external laptop fan being
used, god I look like an absolute nerd with this thing

·         Been MIA for reasons


·         Ryan memes for 30 mins

·         Love letters still need to be putting stuff into library ytem

·         How long till next book buy

·         Start compiling for next bookbuy


·         EMP still in process for Role play for life

·         Buss divers are arseholes

·         I have an exam today

·         Organ harvesting in process


Charity Vigil

·         EMP approved

·         FB page up, few hiccups, is fine now

·         Youth Focus approved – need to get in touch with them again
soon-ish to sort out the tins/posters/banner they are willing to give to us
as promo material

·         Nescafe should be okay with providing free coffee on the night –
in return we have to do some light advertising for them

·         UniSFA needs to get their overnight pass approved by Guild
President, so events can inform security (that’s what Kasey said when I
went in to talk with her)

·         Get bakesale permit to legitimate our baked goods?

·         Sponsor crawl this Saturday, someone go

·         Advertising/sponsor delegate Poster

·         13th maid – the amalgamated game for super cash making

Escape Hunt

·         7 people have signed up so far (as of Wednesday)

·         People should really go, it’s a really great night – and super
monetary value for what it is

·         Everyone who went enjoyed themselves, not one negative review,
please go

·         THURSDAY of study break, so you’ll be fre


·         Sold 22 shirts, $396 monies made, we bought them for $680

·         GATEKEEPERS – please remember to comment on the post on
gatekeeper page so we know how many and of which size we have sold (people
spent a while yesterday trying to figure things out)

·         We know for show what stock we have and what we’ve sold and in
what sizes etc.

SOC Meeting

·         Next Wednesday 5:30PM – Sarah, Ruisi


·         New boxes have been purchased, we need to source some more
cheaper boxes

·         PRERELEASE SIGNUPS ARE NOW HAPPENING – prize structure (like
always) will be decided on the day, as it is dependent on attendance numbers

·         Need to make FB event for pre-release EDIT: Event page is up and

·         Posters to advertise our magic events are going up in Tactics

·         Learn to magic – soonish, FB page

·         MTG boardgame – available in tactics now, we should get for $53 –
pending jen money approval, as there are only a few copies from tactics we
should get it soonish ACTION: get approval from Jen, buy once approved


·         Dice are still for sale

·         GATEKEEPERS – update gatekeeper page/Jen when dice are sold so we
can keep track of how many we have sold…something, something good accounting

·         Make post on gatekeeper page to remind them

Relay for Life

·         Steven was meant to go to the meeting at 5pm, ryan can go
instead, social science lecture theatre

·         Everything is looking good, badger selves and parents to donate
like $5 and to the tins and stuff

·         Tax deductable

·         Need a baton SARAH to contact winslade for baton, dress up, wear
unigames shirt if you’ve got one, dress up as more of a nerd if this
pleases you, comfortable running shoes, encouraged: unigames shirt and
wizard robes

Roleplay for Life

·         EMP still going through

·         JVB and Cam battle it out for 24 hrs, dual game, loser does
world’s greatest shave

·         Event page to be made once APPROVED

·         2nd – 3rd Oct, 12pm-12pm

·         Required for event: lots of coins, tell jen a few days in advance
for float

Board Games

·         EMP denied because cleanup times and poster questions

·         Back-to-basics family boardgames night etc.


·         Happening this Friday 5pm – 9pm

·         Monsters and other childish things ft. bigger bads

War games

·         Wargamers are being contacted and encouraged to organise a
Saturday wargames event and plug it really hard

·         Kieran has been in hospital so organising things have been hard

General Business

·         Stuart Paton has donated book: in-universe The Imperial
Infantrymans’s Uplifting Primer


SARAH: SOC meeting, get baton from winslade
RYAN: archive, input stuff into library system, get MTG boardgame if
JEN: approve spending $53 on MTG boardgame
TAYLOR: Roleplay for life event
DONALD: Pre-release, learn to magic events (FB pages)
MITCHEL: One-shot
RUISI: Charity Vigil event
STEVEN: help with charity vigil/support work

Meeting ends: 1:49PM
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